It looks like he’s the one who rocked babies to sleep. 

Breaking Bad alum Aaron PaulRecently, he welcomed his second child together with his wife. Lauren ParsekianAccording to a spokesperson, Jimmy FallonThe April 19, episode of The Tonight Show. His name is RydinAnd I Love him,” he said to the host, before sharing that his ex-star was also on the show. Bryan Cranston is Rydin’s godfather.

This baby’s arrival is four months after Aaron and Rachel announced their pregnancy. Aaron posted a December Instagram message, “I love you already little one,” Can’t wait until I meet you number two.”

It WestworldThe Kind Campaign cofounder and star (42 years) welcomed their first child, named “Star”, in March 2005. Story AnnabelleLauren wrote on Instagram in February 2018: “There aren’t words that can ever explain what just occurred to my heart.”

Although the couple prefer to keep their private life private, they shared photos of their firstborn via social media. This included a tribute Aaron, which he posted just after their daughter was 1 months old.

“Her name is Story and each breath she takes makes me weak,” he wrote on Instagram in March 2018. It is the sounds that she makes as she stretches, yawns and moves her fingers that I love. My warmth is heightened by her sneezing, hiccups and coughing.