They are less popular than Beverly Hills estates and go up and down faster.

You want to be in touch with your loved ones’ relationships. The Sunset Selling stars, we’re here to help. From engagements weddings to secret relationships, the Netflix reality cast—including Jason and Brett Oppenheim,Chrishell StauseAnd Amanza Smith—keep busy after work hours. 

Chrishell, who previously dated Oppenheim Group owner Jason, announced that she is dating non-binary musician G FlipIn May. On May 10, Chrishell opened about her “deep connection” with the musician and her sexuality.

“You don’t get to choose when you come into someone’s life,” Chrishell said in an Instagram video. I know that not everyone will understand or agree, but it’s about me and the person. It’s about the person.

Thankfully, we will get to see more from this pair as Chrishell stars in G Flip’s Get Me Outta Here music video which drops on May 12.