A missing high school football player has turned into a state-wide mystery. 

A sneak peak at ID Murder in the Friday Night Lights airing Jan. 11, The case of Tom Brown, a beloved teen who vanished from a small Texas town without a trace—and left his backpack.

According to the episode description Tom disappeared after the “baffling clues” and the community pressure led to conspiracy theories. Eventually, some unusual suspects emerged when the local sheriff was pushed against an aggressive private investigator. 

Tom’s mother Penny Meek seeks answers after a workman for the power company discovered a discarded backpack belonging to Tom, with his laptop eerily “sitting perfectly in an upright position.” 

Penny stated that “the backpack had been there since a while.” The backpack was wet. The backpack contained his notebooks and school papers as well as his laptop. The laptop was taken to the forensics laboratory. The only thing it contained was Tom’s schoolwork. “The laptop hadn’t been used since Tom disappeared.”