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All welcome to Pisces season

Pisces is a beautiful sign. Pisces are water signs and they can be sensitive, intuitive, and emotionally charged. Pisces can channel their creativity into music, art and other creative projects. Pisces are the kind of person who will look at you and instantly tell you that you’ll need a hug. Pisces are the most generous huggers! They are kind, caring people by their nature. Pisces can be reached for support whenever you are in need of a friend or if you simply need someone to talk it out. Pisces can seem shy at first, but they are fun to spend time with once they start talking. 

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, as well as Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams, spirituality and illusion. Pisces are drawn to the future, and they have an inclination to lose themselves in their daydreams. Pisces can get lost in the world they live in. If they appear to have their minds elsewhere, don’t be offended. It’s one of their quirky quirks. 

If someone you know has a birthday that falls between February 19 and March 20 and you don’t know what to get, we’ve rounded up nine dreamy gifts Pisces zodiac signs would love. You can see them all below.