7 Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Challenge Coin Collection

Challenge coins, which are small coins that display the emblem of organizations, are collected by millions of people. While these used to be only available to service members, they’re now commonly found for trade online. If you collect these, displaying them can make your collection stand out. If you’re undecided how to display yours, the options below are great options.

1. Binders

Binders made specifically for challenge coins have strong pages made of plastic attached inside. These are designed with small pockets to fit coins on the front. Most binders will hold many coins and have removable pages for easy access. This option will allow you to store your collection in one place and is easy to transport if you plan on showing off your collection.

2. Wood Stand

Coin stands made out of wood have small slots that securely hold the challenge coins in place next to one another. These can be displayed on tables and shelves so each individual challenge coin can be seen. For larger collections, a stand with multiple layers will be ideal. You can find these in many different sizes to accommodate the number of coins you have.

3. Coin Display Cabinet

If you’re looking for wall decor, coin display cabinets are a great choice that don’t take up much space. Each slot can hold a challenge coin of your choosing without being obstructed by anything else. There are many designs, making it easy to find one that fits with your home’s overall style.

4. Display Shelves

Another option that takes up little space is a display shelf. This type of shelf can be attached to your wall to display challenge coins individually. Most collectors will place several shelves in a row for a clean and contemporary look.

5. Tabletop

Something unique to do with challenge coins is place them on a tabletop for everyone to see. The coins are then covered with clear epoxy so the tabletop can remain functional. Since this option will encase the challenge coins in epoxy, it’s important to remember that you won’t be able to get them out again.

6. Individual Stands

For smaller collections, individual coin stands are great because they can easily be placed on shelves and tabletops. However, if you do have a larger collection, you can use these to only show the challenge coins that matter the most to you.

7. Coin Case

Cases allow you to keep your challenge coins in one safe spot. These come in many styles, with some storing the coins flat in circle-shaped grooves. However, other cases store the coins standing up in slots so they won’t fall. Most of these have a few different layers so you can add to your collection without investing in multiple coin cases.

The way you choose to display your collection will largely depend on the number of challenge coins you have to show off. However, budget and space in your home should also be considerations. Fortunately, there are many options that can make it easy to show off the challenge coins you’ve collected over time!