Modern electric iron and folded clothes on board in laundry room. Space for text

While doing laundry is not the most fun task you can engage in around the house, it is nevertheless nice to have clean clothes, bath towels, and other items now and then. However, in many cases where people have a laundry room, it is anything but organized. In fact, laundry rooms are often catch-all rooms that wind up being full of this and that. If this sounds like your laundry room and you are ready to make some major changes, here are six simple tips for laundry room organization.

Behind the Door Shelves

If you are tired of tripping over bottles of detergent and other essential laundry room items, consider adding behind the door shelves to your space. By doing so, you’ll greatly increase your storage capabilities without taking up any more space in the room, all the while having plenty of room for detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and much more.

Multi-Compartment Hamper

Rather than have only one clothes hamper where all the dirty clothes go, consider purchasing a multi-compartment hamper that has separate areas for clothing, towels, and other items. Once you have this, you’ll save plenty of time in having to sort out everything prior to loading your washer.

Install a Clothes Rod

By installing a clothes rod in your laundry room, you’ll find yourself with much more room to hang shirts immediately after they come out of the dryer. As a result, you won’t have to simply lay them here and there, or have them wind up wrinkled in the bottom of your laundry basket.

Use a Sponge Holder

If you are like most people who have a laundry room that contains a utility sink, you’ve probably got plenty of wet sponges in and around your sink. If you do, you’ll soon have sponges that have turned moldy and create quite a nasty smell that will offset the fresh smell of clean laundry. To keep this from happening, consider using a sponge holder. By installing this near your utility sink, you’ll have a place where your sponges can dry rather quickly, keeping them in good shape and free of mold.

Missing Sock Storage Bin

No matter how careful you may be when doing laundry, every now and then there is always the inevitable missing sock. One of the great mysteries of life when it comes to doing laundry, almost everyone has had a load of laundry where you come up a sock or two short now and then. When this happens, having a missing sock storage bin in your laundry room will be a great way to eventually reunite one sock with its partner once the other sock mysteriously reappears. Along with your missing sock storage bin, you can also have an additional storage bin for things you are sure to find in pockets when preparing to load your washer. From spare change and toys to lipstick and candy, putting these in a storage bin will greatly decrease your laundry room’s clutter.

Paper Towel Holder

Simple to install almost anywhere in your laundry room and very affordable, a paper towel holder will be the perfect way to keep a roll of paper towels handy when they are needed. When you don’t have a holder in your laundry room, rolls of paper towels are always in the way or accidentally get knocked into a washer that may be filling up with water. By taking a few minutes to install a paper towel holder near your washer or utility sink, you’ll always have a paper towel around to clean up whatever mess gets made or to dry your hands.

By getting your laundry room organized and cleaned up, you’ll start to see laundry in a whole new light. Rather than heading to a room that in the past smelled musty and was filled with clutter, you’ll now have a room that is neat, clean, and well-organized.