5 Unique Ideas for Attracting More Wildlife to Your Backyard Area

You can draw wildlife into your home, regardless of whether you are a birdwatcher and/or a casual observer of squirrels. A few basic elements can help you create an environment that is appealing to many animals, big and small.

1. Instal a Water feature

An added water feature to a backyard can add a lot of value and provide water sources for the wildlife. The sound and visual appeal of water is attractive to birds and other wildlife, such as frogs. A small pond, fountain, or similar structure can offer them a source of drinking water.

Water features are also a great way to create habitats for aquatic animals like fish. You can make your pond a micro-ecosystem, providing food and shelter to various species of wildlife by adding plants and stones.

2. For wildlife, plant shrubs and trees that provide food and shelter.

While trees and shrubs can be beautiful, they also offer shelter and food for many animals. You can attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies by planting native trees or shrubs.

Planting trees or shrubs in your backyard can also provide shade, especially during summer. You can provide relief for animals and people alike by creating a shaded oasis in your yard.

3. Add Feeders

One of the most effective things to do if you want to attract wildlife into your yard is to add a feederOne or two. If you provide a food source that is reliable, birds, squirrels and other wildlife will be more likely to frequent your yard.

A feeder will increase your chances of seeing wild animals up close. It can also help you learn about local wildlife.

4. You can leave a portion of your garden natural and undisturbed

While it may seem tempting to clean every corner of your yard and make sure you leave some natural areas, this can be beneficial for local wildlife. You can make your yard a safer place for wildlife to nest or forage by allowing it to be left untended.

A natural space will also help ensure wildlife has enough food and shelter. Consider creating a protected wild space on a corner of your property that is not in direct view.

5. You can plant native plants and flowers

Flowers and plants can attract insects such as butterflies and bees, in addition to sheltering and providing food. Planting native species can help encourage them to come into your garden and also support the local ecosystem.

Native plants can be beneficial to wildlife and are often well-suited for the soil. They can also help you create an inviting and beautiful space in your yard.

You can lure animals to your property by offering food, shelter and water.