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Protecting your home from intruders is probably easier now than it ever has been, so if you don’t feel that you have adequate safety measures in place, now is the time to remedy that. 

Making adjustments or modifications will make you feel more secure and provide you with peace of mind that your family is well protected. Here are 4 great ways to increase your home security.

Add some external lights

External lighting is a great way to increase safety around the perimeter of your home. It’s especially useful if you have lots of trees or bushes in your front yard or on either side of your driveway. When it’s dark, it is easy for intruders to hide, so lighting up these areas should be a deterrent. 

If you regularly come home when it is dark, motion sensor lighting is another excellent safety measure. Built-in sensors activate the lighting when they sense movement, so they will go on if you have uninvited guests, which, in turn, will make the area more visible and should reduce the risks of a trip or fall.

Have an alarm system fitted

There are various options when it comes to alarms for your home, but regardless of which you go for, it’s one of the best things you can do in terms of property security. Not only can they make burglars think twice before targeting your home, but they may also help reduce your insurance premiums. 

You may decide to go for a wireless alarm system, or an alarm package with full third-party monitoring might be your preference. Whatever you opt for will give you additional protection and help to keep your family and belongings safe.

Keep fences and gates well-maintained

Missing fence slats or broken gates can be a green light for those who want to steal your belongings or break into your home. If any of your boundary areas require repair or replacement, have it dealt with as soon as possible. 

You may think that your home being secure is enough to protect you, but if an intruder has free and easy access to belongings in your garden, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Fixing these issues shouldn’t be too difficult but if you are struggling, speak to a local fence company who will get things sorted in no time. Fencing companies have high-security fences that will help keep intruders out.

Get the neighbors involved

Many communities actively partake in neighborhood watch schemes whereby they will make a point of looking out for each other and reporting any strange behavior. Neighborhood watch signs erected on lampposts or in windows could be enough to make a criminal avoid your neighborhood altogether. 

If this appeals to you, speak to those around you and set something up. Facebook groups are a great way to communicate and let each other know what has been going on. A neighborhood watch program is also a great way to get to know those who live around you a little better and develop a greater sense of community.