The green building materials market is slated to grow to $574 billion by 2027, according to PR Newswire. More and more people are investing in making their homes greener and more sustainable. Needless to say that celebrities have set the standard with their luxury eco-friendly homes. In fact, green homes are usually very self-sufficient, requiring only cleaning and landscaping maintenance to continue complete0 functioning. Here are three examples of the best celebrity green homes to inspire your efforts in living more sustainably. 

Johnny Depp’s Solar Powered Private Island
After falling in love with the Caribbean during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp was determined to make it a permanent part of his life. So, he purchased an island in the Bahamas in 2004 and has been making it into an eco-friendly paradise ever since. The island, which is called Little Hall’s Pond Cay, was purchased for $3.6 million and serves as Depp’s private retreat from Hollywood life. What makes this island stand out in terms of eco-friendliness is that it is fully sustained by renewable energy alone. The entire island is dotted with solar outbuildings that provide it with the bulk of its power. Johnny had also been working with Mike Strizki, a hydrogen energy expert, to install a solar-hydrogen system on the island for more efficiency and potent energy output. Solar hydrogen fuel cell tech is yet to fully mature.  Still, Johnny Depp has been at the forefront of its development thanks to his patronage of Strizki’s work. 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Healthy And Sustainable Luxury Apartment 
With his Fisker Karma hybrid car and an array of eco-friendly apartments, Leonardo DiCaprio is committed to a sustainable lifestyle. Recently, he closed the deal on another residence in Delos Living’s eco-friendly apartment building in Greenwich Village. Delos Living is a real estate company focused on wellness-centered sustainable designs, and their services align perfectly with DiCaprio’s ideals. Delos homes are equipped with such features as posture-correcting flooring, vitamin C showers, and air purifiers that require no power to function.

Leonardo’s unit in particular features a lighting system that restores your natural circadian rhythm. It tones down blue light during the night and dials it back up during the day. This works perfectly for a celebrity looking to reset his sleep schedule to a healthier format after a strenuous season of filming and late-night events. The flooring in the unit is also designed to deliver passive heat reflexology, relieving bodily stress, and making relaxation much easier. To top it off, the building also employs a wellness concierge for its tenants, courtesy of Urban Zen.

Bryan Cranston’s Energy Neutral Beachfront Retreat 
Bryan Cranston, of Breaking Bad fame, had also begun his foray into green living with his Ventura beachfront retreat. Built to replace the old bungalow that was previously on the property, the 2,450 square-foot beachfront aims for maximum efficiency and net-zero energy consumption. Special care was also taken during demolition to minimize wastage of the bungalow’s building material. The main features of the home include rainwater recycling, high-performance windows and doors, top of the line insulation, and solar panels on the rooftops.

Cranston says that the main goal for the home is to show the world that sustainable living does not have to mean deprived living. His Ventura retreat is meant to exhibit that one can live in an eco-friendly way while still fully adhering to a modern lifestyle. Aside from being fully green, it will also be as comfortable and stylish as most luxury homes.

These celebs homes show everyone that a house can also be about sustainability and health while still having the same comforts as an average modern dwelling. With luck, people will follow their example, and we can have fully-featured homes that are eco-friendly and wellness-focused as well.