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Stars of This is UsCelebHomes News’ first digital cover story revealed that although we must say goodbye to America’s favourite series, it will still be an ending we appreciate. 

If asked to describe the ending of NBC’s drama hit, Susan Kelechi WatsonI promised that each storyline would have its conclusion, and chimed in. This will be an extremely satisfying season. It’s not happening, we promise. Game of Thrones you. You are still my madness.

We are so grateful for this! And we’re happy to report that we will have lots of our burning questions answered. Mandy Moore assured us, “Lots of questions will be answered, but there will still be some surprising things because that’s the trick of the show.”

Moore wants more information, particularly when it concerns Rebecca and Miguel. “We’re actually getting into that storyline now,” she said of her other on-screen marriage. “I have always loved being a champion because I love. Jon Huertas I love him so. He’s not affected by the distaste and distrust people have for Miguel. My response has always been “No, no no, guys. Just hold on.”