3. While Cage made headlines in 2019 for his spirited performance of “Purple Rain” as a karaoke bar following the annulment of his marriage, he’s no stranger to the Japanese pastime. He and his co-star even enjoyed it. Diane KrugerFilming was a time of bonding. While promoting the film, he stated that they would occasionally go to karaoke and then kind of blow it all out and become completely absurd. It was probably some Rage Against the Machine and AC/DC, as well as some Sex Pistols.

4. Although the central idea of the first film, that there is a hidden treasure map on the Declaration of Independence’s back, seems implausible, it doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing has been written there. The original Declaration of Independence was written in clear ink upside down near the bottom of this document. It is dated July 4, 1776. Why? It was because, before it was hidden behind bulletproof titanium at National Archives Building it was rolled up by Second Continental Congress and used as a label.