On average, it can cost anywhere between $25,700 to $29,600 to build a new inground pool. That’s already a lot of money for the average person, but to a celebrity? Chump change.

When it comes to celebrity pools, you can tack on a few extra zeros there. Of course, this leads to some amazing results.

Interested in taking a look at the most grandiose pools out there? Then keep reading! We’re about to cover 10 of the most amazing celebrity pools you’ll ever see.

1. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg’s pool completely tops our list because of how stunning it is. This one’s for the fans of more natural-looking swimming spaces.

This pool is made to look like a lagoon and even has a hidden grotto. The pool features a waterslide, a few rock waterfalls (one is 12 feet tall!), natural rock wall, palm trees, and a real sand beach.

For those who just want to sit outdoors, there are 3 cabanas to sit in to spend time by the pool.

2. Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges’s pool is also more on the natural side, although not so much as Mark Wahlberg’s.

This pool looks like a pond and leads to hot springs where you can sit back and relax. The edges are lined with stones and it has a waterfall feature too.

There’s plenty of greenery surrounding this pool, as well as an elevated deck with a fireplace.

3. Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama is also fond of hidden grottos like Mark Walhberg, his pool has one too. It also has a waterslide, spa, and multiple waterfalls. An additional feature he has is a Japanese garden, which gives off a cool, tranquil vibe.

However, his property was anything but peaceful! His pool is the site of so many epic pool parties. These resulted in complaints from his neighbors, which is why he eventually moved away.

4. Chris Bosh

If you love to go on tropical escapes, then you’ll love this pool. It’s in an infinity-edge style and it has an amazing Tiki bar. At this pool, you can also enjoy a few spas and a sunken fire pit.

What’s great about this pool is it’s not off-limits to the public, provided you can cough up the cash. You can rent the property for $45,000 a month if you’d like to enjoy this pool yourself.

5. Cher

Cher’s pool is massively different from the pools on this list because it just oozes elegance. If you took a look at it, you’d think you were in Europe.

She also has an infinity-edge pool and it sits right behind her mansion. It’s constructed in an Italian Renaissance style, and everything matches with that. The loggia next to it has marble arches, which makes you feel like you need to wear a toga. 

6. Celine Dion

Celine Dion’s pool is absolutely epic. When you first look at it you’d think it was a water park, but no, it’s her private property!

Around her property are multiple pools, which are connected by water slides, lazy river, footbridges, and water cannons. One fantastic feature is a treehouse, where you can slip into the water through a slide.

When you’re done having fun in the water, there’s also a seating area around a sunken fire pit.

7. Jay Z and Beyonce

This power couple is definitely one that loves the extravagant lifestyle. On their property, they have 4 infinity-edge pools, including one that sits on the roof.

They’re all connected to one another with marble steps. So if you get bored of one pool, all you have to do is get out and walk over to the next.

8. Drake

Speaking of extravagance, Drake’s pool is absolutely jaw-dropping; you could probably use some pool tips from him. This pool has an 80-foot long rock water slide, a grotto you can swim into, a swim-up bar, and plenty of cascading waterfalls.

Outside of the pool, you can cross a bridge to access a sunken sitting area and gas fire pit. Scattered around the area is plenty of greenery to make you feel like you’re deep in nature.

9. Cindy Crawford

Let’s do a complete 180 and take a look at Cindy Crawford’s pool. Hers is simple but still gorgeous.

Cindy’s infinity-edge pool has no frills and is easy on the eyes. it has natural stone terraces as well as a spa. If you follow the terraces, you’ll end up on the beautiful Malibu beach.

To get some privacy, she’s put shrubs and palm trees around the pools.

10. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is also a fan of both simplicity and nature. His pool was constructed to make it look as if it were a naturally-occurring body of water. But trust us, it’s definitely man-made, just skillfully built!

Ralph sticks to the natural theme by not installing concrete around the pool. Instead, he’s kept the lush grass and even put some antique wooden furniture around his pool.

With the stunning San Juan Mountains in the background and clear water in the pool, you’ll be able to see the entire mountain range reflected in the pool while you’re lounging around.

Use These Celebrity Pools as Inspiration

While these celebrity pools may be out of financial reach, they can still be a good source of inspiration if you’re thinking about constructing a pool in your home. Think about stealing a concept here and there, or you can even build a mini version of a celebrity pool you like.

In any case, it’s your pool, so go wild! It won’t be anywhere as awesome as Mark Wahlberg’s lagoon-style pool, but at least you’ll have your own little slice of paradise.

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