Airbnb arbitrage, which is gaining popularity, is a strategy that allows anybody to generate money from short-term rentals. Simply said, this refers to the process of renting a house for a long length of time and then re-renting it on short-term rental platforms like Airbnb. This investing strategy produces returns fast. There are steps that must be followed and risks that must be weighed before making an investment in rental arbitrage. 

If you are interested in making some additional cash through Airbnb arbitrage, we have you covered. In this Airbnb arbitrage guide, we will go over the fundamentals of how it operates and provide some valuable advice for making the most of the opportunity it presents. Airbnb Arbitrage can be an excellent way to generate a profit with minimal effort required, so let’s get started right away.

What is Airbnb Arbitrage?

The practice of renting properties to later sublet them on short-term rental services like Airbnb is known as Airbnb rental arbitrage. Homeownership has become more challenging due to rising house prices and a level of income that has remained unchanged. People who wish to start investing in real estate but do not have the financial means to acquire a property can benefit greatly from this technique since you don’t have to own the property you’re subletting.

Apartment owners are aware of the fact that a resident’s rental arbitrage company can result in improved occupancy which in turn, results in more income for both the long-term tenant and the apartment owners. Apartment owners can participate in the profits generated by market opportunities through rental arbitrage. 

Is Airbnb Arbitrage Legal?

Airbnb Arbitrage is perfectly legal, provided that you comply with the rules and liability requirements of the region you choose to operate. It is of the utmost importance to research the cities to determine whether or not Airbnb is allowed there. Before beginning to engage in Airbnb rental arbitrage, you must decide whether or not it is necessary to apply for permission or a license. This is to ensure the smooth operation of your company. When selecting a location and a piece of property for the implementation of your plan, you will need to take into account many regulatory factors mostly on governmental websites or check with the owner of the apartment you intend to rent.

When you’re searching for a city to launch an Airbnb arbitrage business, it is essential you investigate the local laws and regulations governing short-term rentals. You will need to find a city that permits non-owner occupied short-term rentals and does not impose restrictions on the maximum number of nights in a given year that those rentals can be rented out. After you have confirmed that you are in compliance and checked off all of these rules, you should be ready to move forward with your Airbnb arbitrage project.

How to Identify Best Cities for Airbnb Arbitrage 

When deciding where to acquire investment property for Airbnb, some of the following factors are important to take into consideration:

  1. Proximity to Well-Known Landmarks

Cities with a high volume of tourists should be on your list of potential locations for purchasing an investment property to rent out via Airbnb. Travelers who are here for either pleasure or business could be considered visitors. Cities home to popular tourist attractions, such as national parks, mountains, and beaches, tend to garner much interest from vacationers. These kinds of localities typically have a high occupancy rate on Airbnb, making them the ideal locations for Airbnb investment.

  1. Areas with Less Competition in the Market

The competition will also impact your Airbnb occupancy rate and return on investment. Choose an area that has a limited number of hotels and other short-term rental options nearby if you want to ensure that your Airbnb has a high occupancy rate. Avoid going into places like large cities because of the intense competition there. Your best bet would be to look for accommodations in medium-sized towns with few hotels but high occupancy rates. Prices on Airbnb tend to be higher in regions with a limited number of available hotels and vacation apartments.

  1. A lack of seasonal variation

Consider seasonality as one of the criteria you should use to narrow down potential locations for Airbnb investments so that you can make the most profit. You should avoid buying an Airbnb investment home in an area that has extended off-seasons if at all possible. Your financial situation could become more precarious in the long run if you let your property sit vacant for extended periods without renting it out. Airbnb hosts who are astute invest in locations that have a large volume of visitors throughout the entire year. In places like these, there is always a strong demand for rentals that are only for a few days at a time.

  1. Areas without Strict Laws and Regulations on Airbnb

Even if there is a great demand for short-term rentals in a particular region, be sure of the laws applicable. Be sure to do your homework and have a solid understanding of Airbnb policies and procedures before committing to purchasing a vacation rental property in a particular housing market.

  1. Reasonable Costs of Management

You may find the best real estate offers in locations quite far from where you currently live. On the other hand, if you are not planning to live at the Airbnb house yourself, you need to think about the costs associated with operating the Airbnb property.

Pros and Cons of Airbnb Arbitrage

Short-term rental arbitrage is similar to any other real estate strategy in that it has both pros and negatives associated with it. Let’s look at each of them, starting with the pros. The following is a list of the primary benefits of Airbnb rental arbitrage:

No requirement to purchase Properties

There is no requirement to buy an investment property, which eliminates the need to go through the time-consuming, laborious, and pricey process of doing so. Since there is no ownership of the property, there is no need to make a long-term commitment to real estate investments because there is no purchase of a property to rent out.


If you decide that being an Airbnb host is not for you, or if you find that your Airbnb business is not successful enough, you can finish out the term of your lease and walk away from the business. The only thing you need to do is make sure that you notify the landlord as soon as possible.

Short-term Risk

Airbnb arbitrage is often considered to be the safest type of investment technique. The initial investment is not too high, and you can get out of the business quickly and easily if you decide to stop doing it.

Easy Real Estate Investment

A rapid introduction into real estate investing is possible through Airbnb rental arbitrage. You can begin making money when you identify a lucrative market, secure a desirable piece of real estate, and prepare to rent out the space. You won’t need to worry about things like researching mortgages, employing an agent, being pre-approved, or paying closing costs if you implement this plan.

The following are the most significant drawbacks of pursuing Airbnb arbitrage:

No Appreciation

You will not generate money in the long term due to real estate appreciation because this is not your house, and hence it will not appreciate. You get no other revenue besides what you get from Airbnb.

Less Upgrading Options

You may have fewer alternatives when furnishing and updating the property because you do not own it. As a result, the conversion of the home into a holiday rental may be subject to some restrictions. If you want to do anything beyond the basic furnishing, you’ll need the owner’s consent.

Possible Losses/Damages

You will be responsible for paying for any damage that you make to the property, which may result in your relationship with your landlord becoming irreparably damaged. If you choose to sign another lease, this will be counted as a strike against you. Either they will decide to raise your rent dramatically or outright ask you to vacate the premises. Therefore, you should be aware that there is a possibility that you may find yourself without a lease, along with a damaged apartment. You may be required to reimburse your landlord on top of it all.

Unstable Source of Income

Regarding rental arbitrage, you have to be aware that revenue is not assured. The amount of money made will change according to the season. As we’ve seen, there’s also the possibility of disruption, which can add even more to the sense of unpredictability.

Some Tools to help make your Airbnb Business Successful

There are some tools that might assist you in running a successful Airbnb business. Here is a list of the top tools for Airbnb hosts that you should start utilizing immediately. These will be helpful for you if you are learning how to create an Airbnb rental business.

Dropbox and Google Drive 

Dropbox and Google Drive are the most widely used applications for viewing and sharing files. With the help of these two platforms, you and your guests can instantaneously connect with virtual cloud storage. This will make it easy for you to communicate with your guests regarding bills, receipts, and house rules.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing is a tool that will assist you in scanning the market on Airbnb to discover a competitive price if you are ready to invest a modest proportion of your earnings. You should already be aware that setting the right price for your vacation rental will significantly increase the number of bookings you receive. If you are a private owner who only requires some assistance with their pricing, this is an excellent program for you to consider when applying.


iGMS is yet another tool that can handle automated messages. This service provides you with messaging templates that you may use to deliver typical messages to your guests, such as check-in instructions. You can use these templates right away. In addition to that, it has management for both reviews and scheduled tasks.


AirDNA is one of the most valuable tools for Airbnb hosts. It gives you access to various confidential data that can significantly boost the amount of money you make via your business. You can look into the earnings of all of your competitors, view occupancy rates, observe real-time pricing analytics, and perform a great deal more.

Property Surveillance Tools

Installing surveillance tools can assist in the protection of your investment. When you need to check in on what is going on beyond the boundaries of your property, surveillance tools can provide you with an easy and hands-free way to do so.

Key Exchange Tools

You are going to require a first-rate Airbnb key service if you want to be successful in managing and hosting your vacation rental property. If you come up with a good strategy, this will make it possible for you to avoid meeting your guests at the time of check-in as well as check-out throughout each of your trips.

How do you Start Airbnb Business?

Here are the steps to get your Airbnb business off the ground:

Market Research

Research on the Target Market It is essential to first and foremost research the target market. Invest some time and effort into researching the Airbnb industry in your area. Learn more about the types of properties that are most in demand and profitable there. Take a look at the listings of your competitors and note their costs and the amenities they offer. You will find that this assists you in setting more reasonable rates for your listings. 

Laws & Regulations

It is essential to have a solid understanding of the rules and laws that govern Airbnb rental arbitrage in your area. You may need to submit an application for a business license, pay taxes, and make sure you comply with all applicable regulations. It is important that you do all the necessary investigations or employ the service of a lawyer before you rent an apartment for this business. This is due to the grave nature of the penalties for breaking the law. 


It would help if you estimate the initial costs associated with launching your business.  Examining the property for compliance with safety and sanitation regulations is a good idea. Investigate the possibility of purchasing supplemental insurance.

Create Your Listing 

Once everything is prepared and organized, the next step is creating your Airbnb listing. Ensure to include appealing images of the property, identify any essential facilities, provide comprehensive descriptions of the space and location, and, most importantly, set rates comparable to those of similar offerings.


If you want to be successful on Airbnb, you need to optimize your listing so that it receives the most traction possible. To keep an advantage over the competition and bring in more money, dynamic pricing is an absolute necessity. Make sure that you use pertinent keywords in your titles and descriptions, and think about investing in paid advertising if you want your property to have a greater presence online.

Create an Airbnb Experience 

You can choose to run an Airbnb experience in place of renting out a property if you’re not currently in a position to do so. Airbnb Experiences is the platform’s tour-guide service, which connects guests with hosts with local expertise to participate in one-of-a-kind, hyper-local activities. However, not all cities offer Airbnb experiences, so check before you go.

Finding Properties for Airbnb

Finding suitable accommodations for Airbnb is essential. Here are techniques to find properties for Airbnb:

Conduct research to identify the top rental listing websites

Doing this, you will have an easier time differentiating the properties in the location that you choose, as well as having an easier time viewing the additional categories, such as the square footage and the amenities that are associated with the properties. 

Search for Landlords

Search online for landlords who are willing to work with Airbnb. There are undoubtedly a significant number of owners that do not prohibit subletting, even though some landlords may consider it to be unlawful. You can search for apartments to sublease on the search engine marketplace.

Participate in real estate investor gatherings 

You will have a much easier time getting an excellent pitch together and meeting people if you use networking to find out if they have any leads on the property you are looking for. Search for events and meetings relating to real estate.

Connect with people that run Airbnbs

Try to contact Airbnb hosts whose listings have zero reviews, poor images, and inadequate descriptions. These hosts are typically homeowners willing to rent out their homes short-term, but the money they make is not particularly lucrative.


Although at first glance, it could appear to be a sophisticated and overwhelming subject, Airbnb arbitrage is, in reality, simpler than you might imagine. It has become a profitable business move for people who own holiday rentals in marketplaces worldwide. Find a market and a property in which holiday rental income exceeds rates for long-term rentals in a location where Airbnb is allowed, and you’ll have what you need to get started with Airbnb. It is recommended that hosts employ the most advanced technologies available for the evaluation and administration of rental properties to get the best possible results.