Tyra Banks Spanish Villa in Beverly Hills

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The 6,040-square-foot home was built in 1926.    Consists of  French doors, arched window frames, an expansive lawn, a master suite with city views, a walk-in closet, a chef's kitchen, a safe room, a swimming pool, and a fire pit, both the home's interior and exterior offer a … [Read more...]

John Fogerty’s House


It's no longer often where you read up about a celebrity putting their house up for sale at a good price. Veteran guitarist and songwriter, John Fogerty, is here to enlighten us. The former band member of The Golliwogs and Creedence Clearwater Revival listed his 3 bed and 2 bath … [Read more...]

Markus Persson’s House

Markus Persson

Can you remember a time when a former owner of a major video game developer company goes out and splashes $70 million on extremely lavishing and high-end property? Neither can we, which is why now former owner of Mojang and creator of the notorious open world survival, Markus … [Read more...]

Robert Pattinson’s Beverly Hills Rental House


There are vampires who willingly interact with the public while guising their true selves, and there are those who rarely reveal themselves, (or never at all). Robert Pattinson, the glistening star who helped bring you the five Twilight films, hid out in a two-story 5,292 sq ft … [Read more...]