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Catherine Conrod says:
2014-05-27 21:01:16
would like you to manage my 24 year old daughter. Photo shoots and adds. People in SC just don't want a deaf girl as a model. Please respond. [email protected] add deaf in the subject heading...
Kim Kardashian says:
2014-05-01 10:28:41
I put my name as Kim K just to show y'all that you're all fools and anyone could pose as Kris or Kim lmao, you guys are embarrassing. highly highly doubt you're going to become a model, stay in school and go to college so you can be guaranteed a bright future, otherwise you'll just be another girl trying to be a model just like the millions of others all across the world. just bc you think you're pretty doesnt mean you'll make it lol. your poor parents i swear lmao
Perfina says:
2014-04-29 23:50:55
Hey kris Jenner I may sounds weird but luv you too death.i admire you and your kids, you have a beautiful family,but I wonder if you can give me a job as a cleaning housekeeping? I'm perfina from a small island out of job looking for something too live on,
Lil Wayne’s Home – Miami
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Lil Wayne’s architectural masterpiece of a home features rich woods, expanses of glass, steel & select marble. Mr. Carters ultra-modern house also features sky terraces with incredible views, 3br guest house and 2-story master suite accessible by a glass elevator. The bedroom alone is 3000sqft

Lil Wayne can enjoy the water with 120 feet of water frontage and if he feels like recording a new record he can do so in his state of the art in house music studio.

For those not familiar; La Gorce Island, is a private oasis of serenity of breathtaking beauty that is secluded from the public eye.

Wayne reportedly paid close to 11.6 million for this stunner mansion created by star developer Todd Glaser.

Address: 94 La Gorce Cir, Miami Beach, FL (Florida)

Bedrooms: 9 Bathrooms: 10 House Size: 15,101 sqft
Acerage: Year built: 2004
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4 Responses to Lil Wayne’s Home – Miami

naquia hoges says:
2013-01-15 15:04:51

where is trey songz house at

jodie says:
2013-01-17 20:43:29

Wheres Nicki Minaj House at?

Beatrice whyte says:
2013-03-27 18:31:03

Lil Wayne house is like awesome that would be my dream house

Beatrice whyte says:
2013-03-27 18:33:53

Where is Nicki minajs in America? I have never seen it before?

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